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23 11月, 2017

VMware Workstation unrecoverable error

: VMware Workstation unrecoverable error: (vcpu-0) : NOT_IMPLEMENTED : d:/build/ob/bora-744019/bora/devices/mainmem/mainMemHosted.c:3930 : A log file is available in "C:\Users\zeburu\Documents\Virtual : Machines\Windows 7 x64\vmware.log". A core file is available in : "C:\Users\zeburu\Documents\Virtual Machines\Windows 7 : x64\vmware-vmx-8992.dmp". You can request support and include the contents : of the log file and the core file. : To collect data to submit to VMware support, choose "Collect Support Data" : from the Help menu. : You can also run the "vm-support" script in the Workstation folder directly. : We will respond on the basis of your support entitlement.

你可以進到VM資料夾把以下檔案砍掉 1.類似"暫停"符號(圖案上有兩條直線) 2.*.mem檔案可以砍掉 3.*.dmp 以上都是VM當掉時會產生的TEMP FILE,砍掉不會有影響但可能會需要重開好幾次及砍好幾次。 切記*.vmdk和*.vmx不要砍到。

Re: [問題] VMWARE 8.0 跳出訊息後強制關閉虛擬主機 - 看板 Trace - 批踢踢實業坊 -

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